Pucci & Catana Luxury Pet Boutique has a clear mission in their shop, and that is to connect people with their pets. In 2010, the first Pucci & Catana retail location opened its doors on Fifth Avenue South in Naples, Florida. The Fifth Avenue location continues to give a high end boutique experience with some of the funniest & cutest affordable pet accessories in the market. Pucci & Catana also created a shopping destination online, launching PucciandCatana.com in October 2012. This site has found great success with online shoppers around the world who are looking for a little something special in their online experience. The second Pucci & Catana retail location opened its doors in October 2014 at Harbourside Place, Jupiter’s premier location for shopping, dining, entertainment and boating. For big dogs, little dogs & cats this luxury pet boutique offers unique pet accessories that you won’t find anywhere else. Pucci & Catana doesn’t stop there, Big Dog Ranch frequents the shop with pet adoptions events, and Friends of Jupiter Beach works closely with Pucci & Catana to continue to keep the beaches clean & dog friendly.


“We believe that if we care about connecting people with their pets – they will share and help us to spread the Pucci & Catana vibe!”


Pucci & Catana is open 7 days a week. www.pucciandcatana.com

Harbourside Place
108 Breakwater Court
Jupiter, FL 33477

Monday – Sunday
10am – 10pm
Closed at 6pm Christmas Eve
Closed Christmas Day

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Why adopt and what are the benefits?

- You will be save a life! Every year 2.7 MILLION adoptable dogs & cats are euthanized. Simply because there are too many animals and too few people willing to adopt.
- Its not expensive! Usually the adoption fee covers spaying/neutering, first vaccinations, and sometimes even micro-chipping. Depending on the animal you may save of training and house breaking expenses.
- Fighting Puppy Mills! Purchasing a pet from a pet store, flea market, or online seller, you are most likely buy a dog who was purchased from a puppy mill. Puppy Mills are factory-like breeders that out profit above care for the animal. Animals from puppy mills are often very sick and have behavior issues. The moms of these puppies are kept in cages and bred over and over again for years with no human companionship. After they are no longer profitable, they will be discarded, killed, or even sold at auction.
- Adoption helps more than just one animal! Every year millions of abandoned/surrendered animals are brought into shelters all over the USA. By adopting a pet, you will be making room at the shelter for another pet who needs rescuing.
- Bragging! You can brag about your cute pet you just adopted and that you will spoil <3
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We're hiring in Jupiter! Turn your love of dogs into a career! Our 2nd location & newest boutique located in Jupiter's Harbourside Place is looking to fill positions in management & sales, full-time & part-time! We’re open to all levels of experience, we’re mostly after a passionate creative who loves what they do and are great at it. Please send your resume & cover letter to whatsnew@pucciandcatana.com! ... See MoreSee Less

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Giving paralyzed dogs a second chance. For our best love stories, subscribe to our free email newsletter: bit.ly/29l733Q #LoveWhatMatters Via 60 Second Docs

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